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The impact of the Fully Electric Vehicle demand in the spot market

Authors: Aguado I., Soriano Borrull R., Quijano López A., Fuster Roig V.

Media: EEM14 (11th International Conference on the European Energy Markets 2014)

Published: May 2014

Near Real Time Load Shifting Control for Residential Electricity Prosumers under Designed and Market Indexed Pricing Models

Authors: Di Giorgio A., Liberati F.

Published: September 2014

Abstract: Design of an energy management system for residential electricity prosumers. • Both designed and market indexed pricing models are considered. • Optimal load-shifting, self consumption and automated demand side management. • Simulation of relevant scenarios which will characterize future residential nodes.

Read the full paper at: DOI: 10.1016/j.apenergy.2014.04.032

On-board stochastic control of Electric Vehicle recharging

Authors: Di Giorgio A., Liberati F., Pietrabissa A.

Media: 52nd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control 2013

Published: December 2013

“Optimal Fully Electric Vehicle load balancing with an ADMM algorithm in Smartgrids”

Authors: Mercurio A., Di Giorgio A.,Purificato F.

Media: 2013 21st Mediterranean Conference on Control & Automation (MED)

Published: June 2013


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