Redmi Note 8T

Before writing a review, I decided to refresh Xiaomi’s model in mind. Oh, I don’t envy potential buyers, because they have a very difficult choice: the same model can be presented in several versions, and the difference comes down to trifles. Worse, there are Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones in the Russian market. Some have the Note series and the Pro, T, and others are all similar.

For example, do not confuse Xiaomi Mi Note 10, 9T Pro with Redmi Note 8T, Note 8 Pro and so on. In general, tin, but not naming: “It’s easier to be! Easier! Happiness is simple! ”

Actually, what am I talking about? At the end of 2019, a model was introduced called Redmi Note 8T. The company itself is positioning it as an affordable camera phone. I see in her a real fighter for receiving the award “the best smartphone up to 20,000 rubles.” They installed everything that the users wanted: here’s the Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 chipset, 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of memory, in addition to 4 cameras with a “width”, “Macrik” and 48 MP + depth of field sensor, and a 4000 battery mAh and NFC. Yes, I forgot to say that the device is equipped with separate slots for two SIM cards and a memory card!

What else is needed for happiness? That’s right – an adequate price! For the 3/32 GB version, they will ask for 14,000 rubles, for 4/64 GB – 16,000 rubles, and for 4/128 GB – 18,000 rubles. Personally, I would not save and would buy the maximum configuration. The difference is only 4,000 rubles, but the increase in memory will be obvious. However, you always have a non-combined microSD slot, so you can save a couple of thousand rubles on the 4/64 GB version.

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