Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite (SM-N770F)

The Note line turned out to be a unique phenomenon for the market and set the trend for the development of phablets, devices with large diagonals. The word “phablet” itself has become obsolete, since today a 5.5-inch diagonal is perceived as a standard screen size, and a large diagonal is 6.2-6.7 inches. But in addition to the large screen diagonal, the Note always had S Pen, this stylus with each generation acquired more and more features, was a lifesaver for those who had mastered working with it. No one on the market was able to repeat the success of Note, although such attempts have been made repeatedly, for example, Apple has been trying for several years to unsuccessfully create its own version of Note, but cannot do this. Yes, and the advent of the Apple Pencil, we owe the Note line and the fact that the S Pen came on tablets.

Until 2019, those who wanted to try the S Pen and its capabilities had little choice – to fork out for the flagship of the line or buy the previous model. With the release of the tenth generation, Samsung proposed an alternative – a small Note10 with simplified characteristics, for example, a screen with a resolution that is not typical for flagships, or Note10 +, which was the continuation of the history of flagships. Two models are a clear attempt to create different price offers, to popularize the S Pen and what you can do with it.

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