Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite (SM-G770F)

Samsung did not want to release lightweight versions of its flagships for a long time, the A-series models were a conditional replacement, but they did not compete directly with the company’s flagships either in cost or in positioning. In 2020, Samsung is trying a new strategy, namely the expansion of the lineup due to semiflagans or lite lite versions, when the buyer can choose a model with good performance, but simplified features. For example, the S10 Lite is the formally lite S10 / S10 +, although there are a lot of differences from the older model. The name here plays the role of a marketing device in order to draw attention to the model and increase its attractiveness. Formally, the S10 Lite is more of an A-series smartphone than a Samsung flagship. On the other hand, this device may well be considered a flagship in the style of Chinese manufacturers. So, here is a top-end chipset, a lot of memory, an excellent screen and a number of other features. We’ll talk about the Lite version of Note10 in a separate article, we’ll immediately focus on the S10 Lite.

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